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The Norland range of optically clear UV-curing adhesives are very convenient in use, requiring no mixing or preparation. Unlimited time is available for the alignment before curing with long-wave UV light. We list four types:

61 - for general optical use, to MIL-A3920
63 -
for UV transmittance down to 350nm
65 - very flexible to minimise induced strain
68 - especially for plastics

Our structural acrylic adhesive - Loctite 330 - is a flexible type recommended for optical mounting where the joint does not need to transmit light, and also for mechanical assembly of metal mounts. The activator is applied to one part and the adhesive to the other. For mirror mounting this type of adhesive is far preferred to epoxy, the latter being notorious for distorting optically flat surfaces on curing. Nevertheless, care should be taken if the mirror being mounted is very thin; in this case bonding is best effected by using three small dabs of adhesive at the edges of the component.

Silicone adhesive is an alternative to structural acrylic. It is even more flexible and is therefore the preferred choice if its lower strength and low modulus are not detrimental to the design. We offer here Loctite 5910 - chosen for its neutral (oxime) cure and convenient package size.

For adhesive dispensers see our Dispenser system section.

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08 QL 50 Loctite 330 acrylicV. goodV. goodV. good30000-70000-- TBA
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68 QL 28 Norland 68 UV-cure photopolymerGoodExcellentGood-excellent50001.54140 TBA
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65 QL 28 Norland 65 UV-cure photopolymerGoodGoodFair12001.52140 TBA
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61 QL 28 Norland 61 UV-cure photopolymerExcellentExcellentFair3001.56930 TBA
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63 QL 28 Norland 63 UV-cure photopolymerGoodGoodFair20001.56165 TBA
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90 QL 80 Loctite 5910 silicone (black)------ £11.50

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