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Dispenser system


Our low-friction dispenser syringe is highly recommended from experience in our own workshop for economical application of all types of adhesive. Unlike a hypodermic syringe it allows very precise control of the deposit and requires very little effort. No cleaning is necessary as the barrel, tip etc. are disposable.

For a range of adhesives see our Adhesives section.

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15 QD 10 Pack of 10 coarse tips (0.8mm bore) £17.55
10 QD 10 Pack of 10 fine tips (0.4mm bore) £17.55
02 QD 10 Replacement barrel with piston and cap, pack of 10 £33.64
02 QD 01 Replacement barrel with piston and cap £4.36
01 QD 01 Dispenser kit, comprising reusable plunger, barrel with piston £37.03

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