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General cleaning materials


For conventional cleaning, we recommended our Comar Optics Cleaner used with our Microfiber Cloth, which gives excellent results even on coated surfaces which would show the slightest smears. The 'Selvyt' is an alternative cloth of long-standing reputation and is often used with moisture condensed from breath.

If disposable wipes are preferred, we offer the well-known 'Whatman' lens tissue.

The air duster is an invaluable tool for removing loose dust or grit without scratching the surfaces.

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110 QC 400 Air duster (compressed gas in can)400 ml £16.82
210 QC 300 Optics cleaning & wrapping tissue, 210 x 210mm300 pieces £28.68
95 QC 1200 Optics cleaning & wrapping tissue, 95 x 95 mm1200 pieces TBA
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01 QS 00 Scratch/dig reference standard1 No TBA
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10 QC 254 Selvyt washable cotton polishing cloth 254x254mm1 No £3.51
20 QC 178 Comar microfiber cloth, WASHABLE 178 X 178mm1 No £5.57
60 QC 25 Whatman 105 lint-free lens tissue, 150 X 100mm25 No £5.08
70 QC 100 Whatman 105 lint-free lens tissue, 300 x 200mm100 No £36.42
90 QC 29 Comar optics cleaner, water based, in pump spray bottle29ml £9.68
90 QC 236 Comar optics cleaner, water based, in pump spray bottles236ml £30.25
11 QC 254 Selvyt washable microfibre polishing cloth 254mm x 254mm1 No £3.51

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