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Rod lenses


These cylindrical lenses have very short focal lengths and large apertures,and are simple to mount. They are generally used to expand a laser beam into a fan of rays, so defining a plane and projecting a line on to any surface. For this purpose we also offer these mounted. The mount has a standard TubeMount 25mm thread and attaches directly to our beam expanders and, via adaptors, to laser heads etc. It can be rotated and locked in the correct orientation.

For focal lengths longer than 8mm see Quality cylindrical lenses.


LEBG see Optical materials for details

Mount body    

As 16 XE 25



Focal length calculation

The focal length f required to give a desired line length L from a beam of diameter D is given by:  f = xD/L
where x is the distance to the target.

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08 YM 01 Rod in mount7.810167.4° TBA
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02 YR 16 Unmounted rod2.331626° £20.81
03 YR 16 Unmounted rod3.141619° £20.81
05 YR 16 Unmounted rod4.761612° £20.81
08 YR 16 Unmounted rod7.810167.4° £20.81
016 YM 01 Rod in mount1.621641° £46.83
02 YM 01 Rod in mount2.331626° TBA
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03 YM 01 Rod in mount3.141619° TBA
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05 YM 01 Rod in mount4.761612° TBA
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016 YR 16 Unmounted rod1.621641° £20.81

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